• Artificial Grass In Dublin From The City’s Most Professional Installation Team


    Artificial grass is perfect for Dublin living a vibrant city lifestyle. It's also perfect if you want all the benefits of a luscious lawn in a natural grass-inhospitable place.


    Ideal product for balconies, terraces and roof gardens

    Our product range is ideal for many Dublin properties because it can be placed where grass, like balconies and terraces, just won't grow. Look at this venture in Parson Green where we turned outdoor balcony. We didn't cover every square inch of the balcony with grass. Alternatively, we picked places to improve and brighten.

    Best solution for Dublin shaded gardens

    Another common situation in Dublin is a gloomy garden due to its location. It's surrounded by tall buildings or overhanging trees. It makes growing' real grass' nearly impossible, but artificial grass is not affected in the least.

    Artificial grass is low-maintenance, making it a great choice for city gardens and city gardens where budgets are limited. We found that many City folk love it because it brings nature to otherwise urban surroundings.

    Staff areas, restaurants and other companies can all profit

    Companies and business ventures will enjoy using artificial grass to bring a calming effect to staff areas! See what we were able to do in Trinity Street or at the same department store's restaurant. So whether you add the grass to your walls, floors or ceilings, it will certainly lift employees ' and customers ' mood and brighten up the dullest places.

    A great idea for an exhibition stand

    It's trendy in Dublin to have artificial grass installed for an exhibition or a case. It offers a versatile, robust alternative for companies seeking to stand out from the crowd. What's more, once the show or event is over, it can be rolled up and used again.

  • Artificial/fake/synthetic Grass For A Landscape Garden in Dublin

    Whether you're searching for artificial / fake / synthetic grass in Dublin for a landscape garden, roof, terrace or balcony, you can be sure that Eco Landscapes Artificial Grass can meet your needs. Not only will you receive the highest quality product, our installation is second to none, and on any budget our solution will prove cost-effective. 

    The artificial grass that we supply and install has been developed by a company that has over 10 years of experience with 100% European manufactured artificial grass of premium quality. Not only did we sell to both private and public clients, we were selected to deliver artificial grass for the Dublin most known venues.

    • Artificial grass lawns are great all year round for kids to play. Plus, say goodbye to your floors muddy footprints.
    • The ultimate solution for a low maintenance garden is artificial grass. Throw the mower away and regain the weekends.
    • Pet friendly artificial grass is a great solution for lovers of animals who want a beautiful lawn and a friend with four legs.
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