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  • Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveways - Only High Quality

    Pattern imprinted concrete paving is gaining applauds everywhere. Eco Landscapes takes pride in providing a wide range of imprinted concrete designs to improve your patio, driveway and other areas that require a high quality paving. Not only do we install concrete driveways Dublin in private properties, but our experience has led us to the industrial sector too.

    The Technology

    The technology we implement includes pouring of fibre reinforced concrete that is coloured with ultra violet resistant quartz hardeners. Our professionals apply an antique release component to the finished concrete. And it is after that the concrete is printed with more 100 texture mats of our clients’ choice.

    The pattern imprinted concrete we offer requires low maintenance, has extensive colour range, skid resistant, has UV stable colours, stain and grease resistant and last but not the least, they come with unlimited design possibilities.

    Colours and Patterns

    Right starting from designs that replicate cobbles, bricks, slate, stone to timber, Eco Landscapes offers virtually any patterns and colours, customized according to your requirements. We can blend colours to personalize the concrete paving installation. Our creative minds make sure that the paving system blends beautifully with all types of architecture.

    Contrasting patterns and colours are created to designate areas of usage like a patio seating area, a pool and a barbeque area. The experienced designers will work with you closely, ensuring you get the ideal blend of functional as well as aesthetic qualities from our concrete imprint installation.

    We, usually, apply a second colour while sealing the pattern imprinted concrete. This is done to give an antique look to the chosen design. Pattern imprinted concrete driveways offer many benefits over the natural stone pavements. One of which is its cost effectiveness. Also, they come with flexible designs, more durable and contain no weeds.

    Design Features

    The surveyors at Eco Landscapes give individual attention to each project, ensuring that the patio is crafted with thought. Speak to them about your requirements. Let them know about the size, design and colour you are looking for.  It would be better if you call us for an inspection as this will give us an idea of how the paving should be done.

    The interior and exterior of a property holds great importance in deciding the pattern of concrete driveway. We coordinate the hard landscape with soft landscape by putting flower beds against concrete edges or planting trees or shrubs.

    Drainage and Planning Permission

    Eco Landscapes works by implementing the best building practice and never contravene planning permission regulations. However, when it comes to installation of driveways planning permission may not be required. But from 1st October 2008 some new rules have been implemented for the home owners looking to pave their driveways. We can tell you all about that when you let us know your specifications.

    However, if you are wondering about our imprinted concrete cost we can let you know once you send us a free quotation request. As for now, we can assure you a competitive pricing. 

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